The Sahitya Academy Award Given by Sunil Gangopadhya.
Dr. Dhruba Jyoti Borah

The Academy Award Winner Novelist

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My family at a glance :

Prof. (Dr) D.J. Borah’s family background is one of active participation in India’s struggle for independence, academic pursuits, social work and administration.

Father - Late Dr. Mahendra Nath Borah, Ph.D, was a noted academician and one of the earliest Agricultural Scientist of the country who retired as Dean of Faculty of Agriculture and Vice-Chancellor of Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat.
He was a student leader and took part in ‘42 Movement in Benaras Hindu University with Late Raj Narayan for which he was imprisoned and externed from the United Provinces by the British.

Grand father - Late Anandi Ram Borah was one of the earliest workers of the freedom movement in Majuli, Assam.

Maternal Grand Father - Late Motiram Borah was one of the well-known freedom fighters of Assam who served in Bharatratna. Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi Ministry and subsequent Governments as Cabinet Minister of Education and first Home Minister of Assam.

Prof. Borah has married from an illustrious family of freedom fighters and social workers of Jorhat, Assam. His father-in-law Late Jogendra Nath Saikia was a student leader in ‘42, a freedom fighter and later served as Deputy Speaker and Cabinet Minister of Law, Parliamentary Affairs etc. of Assam. His mother-in-law Late Mrs. Tilaka Saikia was a noted social worker and one of the early ladies from Assam to be trained in Wardha Ashram under Mahatma Gandhi, Acharya Binoa Bhave and was herself a freedom fighter.

Wife - Mrs Sharodi Saikia, is an officer of Assam Education service cadre, noted cultural persona and Sattriya dance exponent and was a Member of Sangeet Natak Akademi representing the state. She is now Secretary of SHANKARADEVA KALAKSHETRA.

Son - Master Aahlad Mahendra Borah, is a final year medical Student, studing at Kolkata.

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বিতো&#Comment Date : 29-09-2016

 চাৰ মই অসম সাহিত্য সভাৰ আজীৱন সদস্য হ\'বলৈ ইচ্ছা কৰিছোঁ‌।পাৰিম নে?
MD Arif Hussain Comment Date : 19-08-2016

 Respected Sir, I wish that what I am going to say will be taken as a matter of grave concern and I seek guidance and way to approach this deep rooted problem. I am afraid to state that right from the temples of learning, the root place of development of a language and culture, I see that Assamese people have failed in just the roots. You might have observed that in all the education imparting institutions in Assam, DO NOT USE ASSAMESE in any of their formal certificates that are awarded to students, right from SEBA, AHSEC, Dibrugarh University, Gauhati University, Assam Medical College, Assam Engineering College, and various other. The culture is very strange when we compare Assam with any other state of India, or for that matter any prestigious institution in the world. No one, at least in the universities IGNORE THEIR NATIVE LANGUAGE to the extent that institutions in Assam does. Sir, I wish to approach the authorities for this, but need your help and guidance as to how to overcome the red tapes and laziness of the officers in Government departments. Your help will be very valuable, waiting for your reply, Thanks a lot sir. Hope that this letter finds a concern from you.
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